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Automation Block: Wait until the user has clicked the link#392

This really helpul feature when it comes to Automation.

Check this image for Understanding:

8 months ago

As of now, If you create a Double Optin and adding a verified tag is really a huge problem.

Let me explain why.

In Automizy Automation Builder. There are multiple conditions. An important one is Link Click. It is really very important.

Because we have to track where the link is clicked in the following email or not. Based on that we can add a verified tag or send the first followup email.

Here is the Problem.

If we don’t put wait time after the double opt-in confirmation email. It’ll directly go to No Branch of Link Click.
After that, there is no way to get the user back on track until you duplicate the Branch.

Again, there is one possible way. If the user did not click the link. We have to add a tag and trigger one more automation.

If we do this way, This is really no automation at all.

ActiveCampaign and many other ESP have this feature. Look at the 2nd image.

I created that in ActiveCampaign.

This is the feature we need to simplify the whole thing. It’s called “Wait Until the Link is Clicked”.

This means the flow should wait until the user clicks the link.

I have requested the team, They said we can’t Prioritize until we get enough votes.

I’m not asking this feature just for me. I’m asking for each one of the Automizy Customer.

I think this condition should be built inside the Automizy unfortunately it’s going under Request Feature.

So, please take a minute and vote on this.

8 months ago

For my use case this saves HUGE headaches.

I’m just trying to setup a double opt-in.

I suppose adding a double opt-in feature would also solve my individual problem.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
7 months ago

This urgently needs to be done.

4 months ago